Why you should never respond to a scam.

 This has been a fun week for education on scams.  Seems more than a few followers of the firm, friends, and colleagues have also gotten the same tax scam text that I recently wrote about.  But there are a lot of other scams out there.  They can come in the mail, over the phone, or in emails.  There has been some recent news about people, hilariously turning the tables on the scammers.  James Veitch has quite a few.  Here is … Continued

Time once again for Tax Scams

 WARNING:Criminal Investigation Division of I.R.S is filing a lawsuit against you, for more information call on +1-703XXXXXX on urgent basis otherwise your arrest warrant will be forwarded to your local police department and your properties, social benefits and bank accounts will be freezed by the government. So I am a collector, of sorts.  One thing I collect is all of the scams that I receive in the mail, e-mail, or that come through the office.  The above message was texted … Continued

Hollywood has been lying to you Tax Law edition

 When last I went into this topic, it was focused on how cop drama’s and crime movies get Miranda Rights so wrong.   Another area that get’s under my skin is how things like tax audits, liens, levy notices are portrayed. I get it, no one like’s the IRS or your state tax person.  This makes them easy to portray as villains on television and movies, for a bit.  There is a lot to be said about the daunting complexity of … Continued

Dos and Don’ts of Online Professionalism

Some time ago, in law school, I resolved to not engage in “arguments” over the internet.  Part of the reason is summed up in the genius XKCD comic, Duty Calls. More practically, even long ago, it was becoming clear that: 1. What we say on the internet, in chat rooms, on websites, on twitter, or other social media, can and will live forever.  Go ahead and Google the internet wayback machine.  Or look on your keyboard at the print screen … Continued

An exciting new year for a different brand of business.

 In case you missed it, but last September, Governor Snyder signed into law certain amendments to Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act.  There is a lot of bad information and bad assumptions going on with this news that most missed.   Firstly, this did not legalize marijuana dispensaries in the traditional sense.  The bill leaves it up to the individual cities, townships, and villages as to how they wish to regulate the sale of medicinal marijuana, edibles, etc.  It functions a lot … Continued